On Living with a Future Surgeon

There are a few things that you will start to notice around your house when the person you co-habitat with decides to pursue surgery.

There will be string with knots tied to your furniture. They will practice tying at-random.

photo (23)

Your house will be littered with suture kits.

photo (22)

You will regularly be asked to “pick up some pigs feet” at the grocery store to practice sutures.

photo (24)

You will jump in first to pick up a hot plate or broken glass to “protect the hands”. (B has not learned the importance of this yet, regularly reaching in to a flaming campfire to adjust a log. NOT COOL, B! NOT COOL!)


via Google.

via Google.

You will have to remind the future surgeon to eat and drink. 8+ hours in the OR turns these types into camels.



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