On the Road Pt. 3 – And a shrinking pool

This week B is jet-setting to and from four different states. It’s getting to the point where I have to consult my calendar to remember where he is.

As the interview season rolls on, B is starting to decline more and more interview offers at places he is not as interested in or where there are scheduling conflicts. I recognize that this is a great luxury and I’m so so proud of B. However, with each decline, the pool of possibilities narrows and the location expanse shrinks. Which, I know, totally exciting, right?! But also, I am a future-thinker and a dreamer. I love to plan and make lists but even more I love the romantic notion of *possibility*. It was so exciting to have that list of 35 potential new homes! Ah, possibilities! Choice, options, opportunity! Those are some of my favorite words! Now, B has been fortunate enough to self-select and the list is narrowing, from the thirties down to the teens.

But yet, I do enjoy resolve. And ready or not, that resolution is chugging down the tracks with an ETA of January.


In other news, I rocked this week’s hottest accessory and today my entire team is wearing  No Probllama shirts because it’s Friday and just deal with it:)

photo 1 (1)

photo (3)


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  1. heathersypher · · Reply

    Thanks for sharing your experiences! My husband is in third year and I am really looking forward to that shrinking pool. At this point it feels like we’ll never know where we’ll be for residency. Good luck with the rest of interview season!

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