Often times I’ll be at events solo and someone will ask what B is up to. I’ll rattle off the standard response:

“He’s at the hospital.”

photo 4

Pretty standard sentence, I should say, in my life. However, as a med-wife I forget the reason most people would be at the hospital. Which is why, despite finding myself in this situation multiple times, I’m still surprised when I get the following response.

“Oh my God! Why? Is he ok? Should you be there?”

This leads to something like “Oh, no no no, he’s fine, I mean, he’s been there for 27 hours now so I hope he’s fine, I haven’t seen him since yesterday, but he’s in medical school and he’s there for rotations which basically means that he’s working there, except that we’re paying them for his work instead of vice-versa but no he’s not a patient, I just realized how that sounds.”


Going forward I will try out the much less charged line, “He’s busy.”


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