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B wrapped up a radiology service last week and really enjoyed it. Also, apparently urologists often read their own scans so it’s an important skill to have as well. But I think B is experiencing a pretty major case of senioritis at this point because when I worked from home one day last week due to some pretty major snowstorms I was shocked when he walked through the door at noon.

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By the time I wrapped up my conference call B was already in his sweats and making a sandwich. When I asked what was up he said the residents didn’t care and they are running a slimmer operation due to the storm and,
“Because I already matched.”

Ah-ha, the “I already got into college” or “I already got a job” scenario. (Which, btw, does that EVER happen anymore? That graduating college seniors have jobs lined up in advance?)

This dignified dude would get a job no problem.

This dignified dude would get a job no problem.

But this week B started Surgery Mini-Camp which I think is more sutures than s’mores. But he only has two more four-week rotations until his is DONE. WITH. MEDICAL. SCHOOL.



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