Wrapping Up

Today is B’s last official of med school.

Sorry, excuse me so I let that sink in for myself for a quick minute.

Today is the last day of B’s Emergency Medicine rotation and he’s taking his SHELF exam just about as I write. I’ll try to save the sentimentality for another time, but I do feel a bit bewildered by this passage of time.

When I think back to B’s M1 year and the long hours hunched over books with fingers covered in highlighter, it does seem like a long time ago. His first year he would always go to lecture in-person and he had a quiz or a test every single weekend. And even though he had from Friday night-Sunday night to take his quiz, he’d always take his Friday night (Saturday morning at the latest) so he could spend the weekend hanging out with me with fewer distractions.

By his M2 year we had the routine down. Instead of physically going to lecture, he listen to recording at home on one-and-a-half speed. Quizzes were slightly less frequent but I could see the collection of knowledge and how much he wanted to start actually doing things instead of just reading about them. And Step 1. Yuck.

M3 year was a doozy. The hours were long and unpredictable, major life events had to be missed and he was tired all. the. damn. time. But he was taking what he’d read about and putting in some practical application. Ok, he was more or less watching other people do the practical application. With the constant pimping and rounding upon rounding, it started to wear. But it was exciting to see what this being a doctor thing was all about and to try on different specialties.

M4 year was the weirdest, but arguably the best. The first half was similar to M3 year, with required rotations, but B also did a couple of Sub-Is including one at a hospital a few states over. And he started the residency application process and we started to seriously talk about our next-steps. He was gone for practically three months straight jet-setting across the country for interviews, a blur of suits, hospital floors and dinners with residents to convince them that “The urology program at SUCH AND SUCH HOSPITAL is the best. I love it here  – you should definitely rank in #1. I mean, look how fun we are?!”. Add in a couple more required rotations, Step 2 (both parts), and then the Big One: Match Day. Actually two for us, both equally wonderful.

And here we are, at the end of his med school requirements. He’s taking his last month as a vacation month and my God has he earned it. Graduation is about six weeks away. When I think back to the rules we set forth when he started, I’m amazed by how much we were able to keep in check with them. We managed to have dinner together the vast majority of evenings. B helped exponentially around the house and with Moxley. I still felt very much like I had a husband instead of some guy who was around between shifts. And I know that that didn’t happen miraculously. B MADE that happen and I am so grateful.

At B's white coat ceremony.

At B’s white coat ceremony.

I’m so so very proud of you, B. Thank you for making this another fun adventure.


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