Courtesy of Nature's Grace Photography. All rights reserved.

Courtesy of Nature’s Grace Photography. All rights reserved.

Hi, I’m Manda. In May 2011 my then-fiancee selected the school with which he chose to pursue his MD. Four days later we flew to the iconic college town from our then-current home in the South to check out places to live. Two weeks later we bought a condo. A month after that we moved. I was planning a wedding, moving cross country and trying to find a job. Life was chaotic. B started class two weeks later.

I found that while there were great resources out there for what to expect and how to handle situations for the med students themselves and for parents of med students, there wasn’t much out there for spouses and significant others. Just because B was started med school didn’t mean that my life was put on hold. I was struggling with how much ownership I should take and what factors I should be considering. Through this blog I hope to share some insights and experiences that we’ve had.

With less than a year to go, it’s hard to remember life before med school.

I love: B, running, public health news,  live-tweeting major televised events, my family, my friends, sunshine, Moxley, pup-dogs in general, healthy eats, baked goods, short stories, Jon Stewart and travel.


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