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Open Season

The Electronic Residency Applicant Service (ERAS) opens for residency applicants today! I feel so nervous/excited I could puke. Interview season is just around the corner. Also, in case your Newsfeed is now crawling with people with names like Fred Flynnstone and Mariuh Care-ee, now you know why. The internet never forgets, y’all.   Advertisements

The List is Made

One good thing about pursuing a residency in urology is that there aren’t THAT many programs to choose from. Then narrow that down even more by the Midwest region and the list grows smaller. BUT – take into account how competitive urology is.(the match rate is one of the lowest of residency programs in the […]

Apply Inside!

Well, it’s that time of year. The acceptance letters are rolling in for some and MCAT dates are being signed up for by others. Let’s talk a bit about deciding where to apply. I’m kinda lucky. My husband is great about including me in big decisions, but sometimes those decisions catch me off-guard. In March […]