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Sunday Sustenance, Slider Style

Hello all. Tomorrow is my first day or my new job! I’m so excited to get back to the grind. I took advantage of my recent unexpected time off to scour my Pinterest boards, my freezer and shelves to get creative with some recipes. This is one of those made up on the fly with […]

To all the women, who independent!

Throw those hands up at me! When B started down the path to earning his M.D., we knew we would be living on my paycheck and my paycheck alone. Thankfully, when I finished grad school my earning potential did substantially increase (I work in marketing communications though, so don’t get too excited) and we crunched […]

Sunday Sustenance: Mardi Gras Edition

We try to be healthy and we try to save money. One way we do this is by cooking at home. Most weeks I try to make all of my breakfasts and lunches, and dinners every night but Saturday. That’s a lot of quality time spent in my kitchen. I’m not going to pretend that […]