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Another Perspective

A member of B’s family recently had to undergo heart surgery. It was a very stressful time for the family and a very risky surgery. We went to visit them in the hospital prior to surgery and provide support. Love, donations, well wishes and prayers flooded a support website set up to keep friends and […]

One size fits all

My new job offers career coaching, which is something new for me. In essence the goal is the identify strengths and weaknesses in your self and set short-term and long-term goals of how to address your weaknessess. I belief I am fairly introspective, so my strengths (hard-working, focused, open-minded, etc) and weaknesses (impatient, spontaneous, inability […]

When the balls drop

Life is a juggling act for every woman I know and I was just starting to get my act down. But sometimes the balls drop. And at the end of January, they did for me. In late December my company was acquired. Two weeks later our CEO abruptly and unexpectedly stepped down. And two weeks […]

September Plans

Our neighbors (an M4 and a recent law school graduate) are about to leave for Ghana for a month to, no joke, deliver babies and set up a law clinic. I realize this sounds like the synopsis of an upcoming inspirational memoir, but I assure you, these people and this trip are very real. And […]

Work/Life Balancing Act

I met two of my closest friends (let’s call them The J’s) in grad school. We bonded instantly – none of us were from the East Coast (a rarity for our program), we had all majored in English in undergrad, and loved fitness and healthy living. We were all also totally Type-A over-achievers and often […]