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Sunday Sustenance, Slider Style

Hello all. Tomorrow is my first day or my new job! I’m so excited to get back to the grind. I took advantage of my recent unexpected time off to scour my Pinterest boards, my freezer and shelves to get creative with some recipes. This is one of those made up on the fly with […]

Holiday Fast – Surgeon Style

We have some husband/wife (M and C) friends that are M2s. They have a dog who is buddies with Moxley and we get together for playdates and dog activities. On a recent dog walk, C and I were discussing B’s surgical rotation and she blurted out, “Does he have time to eat?!” M: “Funny you […]

Sunday Sustenance: Soup, Soup, Soup

Guys, I have a cold. I even made B listen to my chest to begrudging confirm my self-diagnosis. It’s lame. I’ve been chugging tea and eating every spicy thing I can gets my paws on. And you know what tastes soooo much better when you’ve been struck with a cold? Soup. Soup tastes freaking amazing. […]

Sunday Sustenance: Italian Drunken Noodles

Hope you’ve had a nice weekend. Despite all my griping and whining about Fall, we’ve gotten off pretty easy so far. Temps mostly in the 60’s and 70’s and more sunshine than expected. Beautiful walking weather for the young pup. However, today was a rainy one and a perfect day for some comfort food. These […]

Sunday Sustenance: Au Revoir Summer Chicken

As I’m writing this I’m watching the Emmy’s. Which, I gotta say have been a little bit depressing, no? While I think it’s nice that they are honoring those who have passed, c’mon now. I’m feeling too sad to laugh at how completely fabulous Amy Poehler and Tina Fey are, which means it’s serious. Anydoodle, […]

Monday (?) Sustenance: Blueberry Banana Pancakes

Yeah, we’ll go with that. Happy Labor Day! Hope you all enjoyed the weekend. What is better on a low-key weekend activity than making pancakes? It seems like a luxury to have enough time in the morning to prepare anything more than pouring cereal in a bowl. But with this extra time, I decided to […]

Sunday Sustenance: Grilled Veg and Sausage Pasta

Hello friends! Hope you’ve had awesome weekends. Ours has included the farmer’s market, a Bruegger’s and coffee picnic, a stop at a small town bakery on the way to do some wedding dress shopping with a friend and a date night in with B. It was warm and summery around here, a welcome change from […]