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On the Road Pt. 3 – And a shrinking pool

This week B is jet-setting to and from four different states. It’s getting to the point where I have to consult my calendar to remember where he is. As the interview season rolls on, B is starting to decline more and more interview offers at places he is not as interested in or where there […]

On Living with a Future Surgeon

There are a few things that you will start to notice around your house when the person you co-habitat with decides to pursue surgery. There will be string with knots tied to your furniture. They will practice tying at-random. Your house will be littered with suture kits. You will regularly be asked to “pick up […]

Hey la, hey la

My  husband’s back! B is back from his away Sub-I! Mox is typically a woofer, but as soon as he saw B he was too excited to speak, just wag his tail and give kisses. It was great. After a month of him being away we are thrilled to have him home. Bonus of his […]

Making Matches

Today is Match Day. At noon EST, 11 a.m. CT, 10 a.m. MT and 9 a.m. PT, every fourth year medical student in the U.S. will open the envelope that notifies them of their residency placement. And one year from today, that will be B. Good luck M4’s of America! May the Match be with […]

Holiday Fast – Surgeon Style

We have some husband/wife (M and C) friends that are M2s. They have a dog who is buddies with Moxley and we get together for playdates and dog activities. On a recent dog walk, C and I were discussing B’s surgical rotation and she blurted out, “Does he have time to eat?!” M: “Funny you […]

The scalpels are next to the fabric softener

Returning home from running some errands recently, I was stopped in the laundry room by a surprise. B was conducting surgery on the washing machine. Needle and thread in hand he didn’t even stop to explain when I walked in the door. He just said, “My sutures aren’t straight enough.” This is surgical rotation. Okay, […]

The Tale of the Halloween Tool Box

Two years ago, back when B was a lowly M1, we had plans to hand out candy to the neighborhood kids on Halloween. I rushed home from work that day to fill up a big, plastic pumpkin bucket with candy and to anxiously run to door to see the little sprouts in their cute costumes. […]