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Wrapping Up

Today is B’s last official of med school. Sorry, excuse me so I let that sink in for myself for a quick minute. Today is the last day of B’s Emergency Medicine rotation and he’s taking his SHELF exam just about as I write. I’ll try to save the sentimentality for another time, but I […]


B matched into a urology residency program yesterday!!! He hates it when I get “braggy” but one-third of all urology residency applicants don’t match, so matching is an accomplishment in itself. Let alone that he matched into our first choice!! I’m so so proud of all of B’s hard work and excited for the next […]

On Living with a Future Surgeon

There are a few things that you will start to notice around your house when the person you co-habitat with decides to pursue surgery. There will be string with knots tied to your furniture. They will practice tying at-random. Your house will be littered with suture kits. You will regularly be asked to “pick up […]

Too nice outside to blog

It was super awesome outside this weekend, unseasonably so. And B is on an outpatient service right now, so he had the weekend “off”! Maybe clinic isn’t so bad after all, huh B? 🙂 We ate lunch on our patio (and breakfast, and dinner, and exercised out there. We basically lived on the patio). And […]

Much to celebrate

We’ve been lucky to have much to celebrate around here lately. We celebrated my mom coming to visit and bringing Mox’s BFF, Molly. We celebrated St. Patrick’s Day in style, including some festive doggy apparel picked up at doggy daycare. We celebrated B’s birthday with puppy romps and basketball-watching. We celebrated the return of the […]

Dr. Dog

B wrapped up his Family Med rotation today. It wasn’t his favorite, but also wasn’t his least. The hours have been good, but he basically summed it up as “respiratory issues that span the generations”. However, one of B’s Attendings came up to him on the first day, shook his hand and said “You have […]

Since We’ve Been Gone Pt. 2 – The Trip

There is a reason for the holiday travel stigma. Two canceled flights equated an unexpected night spent in Newark and an unexpected night spent in Chicago. It also added hundreds of miles to my Mom’s car, late nights and dangerous driving conditions. But we got over it. The resort was gorgeous.   We saw some […]