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Step 1 Guidelines: Non-student Edition

Ready of not, crunch time is a go for boards at our house! B first started talking about Step 1 in December, prepping me for our spring back during the holidays. We talked about things like “12 hour study days”, “5 weeks off to study for this exam”, “no free-time”, “stress”. Sounds like fun, huh? […]

The first rule of med school…

Medical school can seem a little mysterious. Meaning that those who don’t have a personal connection themselves may feel like it’s a closed-door society. Kind of like Fight Club. I even feel that way a bit. So when people find out that I’m married to a med student, I generally receive a flurry of questions. […]

Y’all ready for this?

If you just thought of Jock Jams when you read the title, we could be friends. Your life partner/fiance/husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend/significant other is contemplating med school. That’s awesome! What an admirable profession to seek?! A job seen with such respect in our country, helping those in need, saving lives! They’ve thought about it and are ready to […]

Options, options

Ahhhh, the sweet smell of an acceptance envelope, or phone call or email and the happy man or woman that accompanies it:) B was fortunate to have several options on the table and I was fortunate to take many trips to check them all out! ┬áIn fact, I believe B declared intent the day before […]

Apply Inside!

Well, it’s that time of year. The acceptance letters are rolling in for some and MCAT dates are being signed up for by others. Let’s talk a bit about deciding where to apply. I’m kinda lucky. My husband is great about including me in big decisions, but sometimes those decisions catch me off-guard. In March […]