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Going the Distance

B is currently several hundred miles away doing his second urology Sub-I at a very well renowned hospital. It’s exciting for him to do an away rotation, to see how things operate at a different hospital, including things like different electronic charts systems, break rooms, language. He’s wrapping up his time there and I think […]

Lingo Lesson: Straight Pimpin’

Out at an Oktoberfest block party last weekend, B and some of our M3 friends were discussing clinical rotations when someone said, “And they just kept pimping me, which I actually find to be a good way to learn, but…” To which I responded, “Um, exsqueeze me?!” Pimping (verb): When giving a patient presentation to […]

Sweet nothings

It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon. B had the day off and we were sitting on our patio, Mox was chewing sticks, B was studying, highlighters in hand. I had just finished doing some yoga and was sitting down to read a book. I looked up at the sky to the shining sun through the […]

Social science

Last weekend I packed up Mox and headed for my State of Origin to get the hell out of B’s way so he could “enjoy” an weekend of studying sans distractions. I thought this was a marvelous idea, and it was, except that I didn’t take into account how much B appreciates those distractions sometimes. […]

A girl named Aspirin

B and I regularly drive past a street with Asa in the name. “Asa, that’s actually kind of pretty,” I said on a recent trip past. “Asa?” said B. “Yes, A-S-A, Asa.” M “A-S-A?” B “Yeah.” M “A-S-A, aspirin, acetylsalicylic acid. We’re not naming a kid Aspirin”. B Name, ruined. However, with all this exciting new […]

True love is…letting your husband take your blood pressure four times in a row.

Happy Valentine’s Day to those who celebrate! In honor of this commercial love-fest, let’s talk a little bit about love and dedication. Few things are quite as scary early on in the med school career than the following: Standardized patient physical exams. This is one of the first examples of when young, green med students […]