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On Living with a Future Surgeon

There are a few things that you will start to notice around your house when the person you co-habitat with decides to pursue surgery. There will be string with knots tied to your furniture. They will practice tying at-random. Your house will be littered with suture kits. You will regularly be asked to “pick up […]

Another Perspective

A member of B’s family recently had to undergo heart surgery. It was a very stressful time for the family and a very risky surgery. We went to visit them in the hospital prior to surgery and provide support. Love, donations, well wishes and prayers flooded a support website set up to keep friends and […]

He Wants to do What?!

Now that B is on his last rotation of M3 year (!) The Match is regularly on the brain. And while in the past I could answer the question of “What kind of doctor is he studying to be?” with an “he’s not sure yet,”  – now the question is valid and answers more available. […]

September Plans

Our neighbors (an M4 and a recent law school graduate) are about to leave for Ghana for a month to, no joke, deliver babies and set up a law clinic. I realize this sounds like the synopsis of an upcoming inspirational memoir, but I assure you, these people and this trip are very real. And […]

Sleepy eyes, full ears, losing

Well, kids, my brain is full, or at least Eustachian tube is and it is making me very grumpy and disoriented. You know frustration with steady pain to the point you just lose it? I spontaneously burst into tears at 1:30 this morning after lying in bed, in vain, praying for sleep, for the past […]

Good Medicine

Anyone who has ever had a bad experience with a medical professional understands how much of an impact it can have. I had a terrible experience when I lived in out East. I was in for a regular check-up type visit, but the doctor was rude, made massive assumptions about the type of person I […]