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Happy New Year! Wishing all a wonderful start to 2015! Also, I hope your holidays were great. We really enjoyed time with our family. Mox got to play in the snow. We got to see my beautiful niece crawl all over the place. And we just enjoyed some time in the country where the true […]

On the Road Pt. 4

B checked off a few more states in the last week or so, but even better, he was home for multiple nights in a row! In that stretch he did have to take the second part of his Step 2, but no more exams for a while which is YAY! That means we had time […]

Vacation Recap: Traverse City

Summer will still be with us for about another week but when I was walking Moxley this morning the air felt different. Fall has arrived. We don’t need to rehash my thoughts on fall, but it seemed like a good time to look back at summer, including a vacation B and I took to Traverse […]

Going the Distance

B is currently several hundred miles away doing his second urology Sub-I at a very well renowned hospital. It’s exciting for him to do an away rotation, to see how things operate at a different hospital, including things like different electronic charts systems, break rooms, language. He’s wrapping up his time there and I think […]

I’m Still Here!

Hi friends! Life is moving at a quick clip these days – busy with work, summer plans, nice weather and B having weekends off- yes! This weekend we went to the beach where Moxley swam. Then we camped where he hogged the bed. AND – I became an aunt to this beautiful bug! Sorry, she’s […]

So long, M3

Sorry for the hiatus, more on that later. But for now, I’m excited to say that today is B’s last day of clinic in his M3 Year!!! Wooo-eeee! Mox  celebrated by breaking out his best bow-tie.   B is not sad to see Peds go or really M3 year as a whole, for that matter. After […]

Much to celebrate

We’ve been lucky to have much to celebrate around here lately. We celebrated my mom coming to visit and bringing Mox’s BFF, Molly. We celebrated St. Patrick’s Day in style, including some festive doggy apparel picked up at doggy daycare. We celebrated B’s birthday with puppy romps and basketball-watching. We celebrated the return of the […]