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Often times I’ll be at events solo and someone will ask what B is up to. I’ll rattle off the standard response: “He’s at the hospital.” Pretty standard sentence, I should say, in my life. However, as a med-wife I forget the reason most people would be at the hospital. Which is why, despite finding […]

On Closure

My grandmother passed away on April 19th. She had fought a long and hard fight against cancer, and was at peace that it was her time. She raised ten kids, who had 23 kids of their own, who have had 25 kids of their own, so far. She had a memorable laugh, enjoyed white wine, […]

Switch weekend + Daylight Savings = Rip Off (Also – waffles!)

B had a switch weekend this weekend which was so very wonderful. However, with it also being daylight savings, we were rudely charged an hour of those precious 48 that we did not spend. I know I’ll appreciate it when I walk Mox in the evening this week, but today it wasn’t so cool. We […]

Something to Talk About

Last weekend we went to a potluck with some med school friends. There was some chat of how each other’s holidays were and a few comments on the NFL playoffs, but two-thirds of the way through their third year, there was only one topic on everyone’s minds and lips: specialty choices. “Do you have a […]

Gone Fishing

Deep sea fishing that is! After his surgery Shelf exam tomorrow, B and I will be hitting the road to spend a week with our families before going on a belated honeymoon in the Caribbean! Hence, I will be taking a little break from the posts. To keep up with our adventures while we are […]

We’ve Got the Spirit

Christmas has made its way to our house. Last weekend we went to the tree farm, where Mox wore his jingle bell collar. We got our tree up and decorated. And today I started to tackle the gifts. Gift wrapping is not my strong suite, so I try to parse the wrapping out over several […]

Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving was a success. All my concerns of crowded quarters, canceled plans due to weather, and ruined food were for naught. Sure, it was cozy and there was some lake effect snow in the mix, but it was relaxed, stress-free, fun, and full of tasty food. Dad helped me with the bird. My brother made […]