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B matched into a urology residency program yesterday!!! He hates it when I get “braggy” but one-third of all urology residency applicants don’t match, so matching is an accomplishment in itself. Let alone that he matched into our first choice!! I’m so so proud of all of B’s hard work and excited for the next […]


Happy New Year! Wishing all a wonderful start to 2015! Also, I hope your holidays were great. We really enjoyed time with our family. Mox got to play in the snow. We got to see my beautiful niece crawl all over the place. And we just enjoyed some time in the country where the true […]

Vacation Recap: Traverse City

Summer will still be with us for about another week but when I was walking Moxley this morning the air felt different. Fall has arrived. We don’t need to rehash my thoughts on fall, but it seemed like a good time to look back at summer, including a vacation B and I took to Traverse […]

Path is awesome!

Oh, I’m sorry, what I meant to say was, who knew the pathology schedule was so awesome?! Path itself, meh. Autopsies aren’t really a cheery event, as it were. And examining slides and biopsies get a bit tedious. But B’s schedule during Path could not have been better! I believe the exact phrase he received […]

I’m Still Here!

Hi friends! Life is moving at a quick clip these days – busy with work, summer plans, nice weather and B having weekends off- yes! This weekend we went to the beach where Moxley swam. Then we camped where he hogged the bed. AND – I became an aunt to this beautiful bug! Sorry, she’s […]

Fast Break

Remember summer break? Ah, those glorious days. Three months of fun in the sun, with some random PT job to add some cash to the bank account. But alas, those days couldn’t last forever and we are grown-ups. In fact, B just had his summer break. And it lasted a week. He spent it shadowing […]

Too nice outside to blog

It was super awesome outside this weekend, unseasonably so. And B is on an outpatient service right now, so he had the weekend “off”! Maybe clinic isn’t so bad after all, huh B? 🙂 We ate lunch on our patio (and breakfast, and dinner, and exercised out there. We basically lived on the patio). And […]