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The Tale of the Halloween Tool Box

Two years ago, back when B was a lowly M1, we had plans to hand out candy to the neighborhood kids on Halloween. I rushed home from work that day to fill up a big, plastic pumpkin bucket with candy and to anxiously run to door to see the little sprouts in their cute costumes. […]

Social science

Last weekend I packed up Mox and headed for my State of Origin to get the hell out of B’s way so he could “enjoy” an weekend of studying sans distractions. I thought this was a marvelous idea, and it was, except that I didn’t take into account how much B appreciates those distractions sometimes. […]

White flag

Ok, Winter. You win. Yesterday with wind and snow, I decided to postpone my weekly long, Saturday morning run, for Sunday, supposedly with sunshine and temps in the mid-50’s. But alas, I awake this morning to more of the same. In February, even March, I can accept this, suck it up and head out the […]

A room with a view

Or at least a different chair.   B’s got a pretty sweet office setup. A big desk with a variety of lighting options, an iHome to play his classical studyin’ tunes, a candle. I mean, truly the lap of luxury. Especially when compared to my work set-up.     However, after extended periods of time […]