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The struggles of the rank list

Now that B has matched and the dust has settled, I want to share a little bit about our Match process. B and I did not agree on what he should list No. 1 on his rank list. It makes sense. B did an away rotation at a Top 5 program and loved it. And […]


B matched into a urology residency program yesterday!!! He hates it when I get “braggy” but one-third of all urology residency applicants don’t match, so matching is an accomplishment in itself. Let alone that he matched into our first choice!! I’m so so proud of all of B’s hard work and excited for the next […]


You know when something big is about to happen and you know when its going to happen and you can’t make it happen any sooner but you’re filled with so much anticipation, excitement and anxiety that you can hardly contain yourself but you also feel torn because there will be Life Before We Knew and […]


Happy New Year! Wishing all a wonderful start to 2015! Also, I hope your holidays were great. We really enjoyed time with our family. Mox got to play in the snow. We got to see my beautiful niece crawl all over the place. And we just enjoyed some time in the country where the true […]

On the Road Pt. 4

B checked off a few more states in the last week or so, but even better, he was home for multiple nights in a row! In that stretch he did have to take the second part of his Step 2, but no more exams for a while which is YAY! That means we had time […]

On the Road Pt. 3 – And a shrinking pool

This week B is jet-setting to and from four different states. It’s getting to the point where I have to consult my calendar to remember where he is. As the interview season rolls on, B is starting to decline more and more interview offers at places he is not as interested in or where there […]

On the Road Pt. 2 & Happy Halloween!

Moxley wants to wish you a very Happy Halloween! They had a Halloween party at doggy daycare, complete with costumed portraits. Rumor has it there will be photos with Santa and/or a menorah in the coming months:)   B had his first big stretch of residency interviews this week. He was home for a night […]