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Happy Outcomes

Match Day was about a week and a half ago. And while B and I were quite lucky to already know the contents of our envelope (although we did double-check!), none of our friends did. It made for a pretty sleepless night the night before and plenty of nerves. For the most part, our closest […]

On the Road Pt. 2 & Happy Halloween!

Moxley wants to wish you a very Happy Halloween! They had a Halloween party at doggy daycare, complete with costumed portraits. Rumor has it there will be photos with Santa and/or a menorah in the coming months:)   B had his first big stretch of residency interviews this week. He was home for a night […]

I Merely Accept the Nightlife

I do, however, love to boogie. This week B had his first round of nights – 6 p.m.-8 a.m. to deliver babies for the OB part of his OB-GYN rotation. If you have to be up and alert at 3 a.m., there are probably worse/more tiresome things to be doing than delivering babies. But, B […]

Reflections on Clinical Rotations, so far

B just finished up his first clinical rotation, Internal Medicine, this week. So far I would say it has been about what I would have expected. I thought this would make for a good opportunity to reflect on how it has gone so far. The in-patient hours are sh*t. Early mornings and late nights. A […]

Sweet nothings

It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon. B had the day off and we were sitting on our patio, Mox was chewing sticks, B was studying, highlighters in hand. I had just finished doing some yoga and was sitting down to read a book. I looked up at the sky to the shining sun through the […]

Sunday Sustenance: Enchilada Cheat

I’m a pretty busy lady and sometimes you just have to get the food on the plate and onto the table. Don’t try to be fancy about it. That’s where this recipe came into play. I make enchiladas with some frequency, but one day when I was in a rush I decided instead of rolling […]


Last weekend my brother and soon-to-be sister-in-law were in town because my brother and I ran a half marathon together. We both ran pretty good times and had fun. We also had lots of tasty food and drinks and wanderings around town. The weekend went off swimmingly… with one exception. Somebody felt that the level […]