Today is B’s last official of med school. Sorry, excuse me so I let that sink in for myself for a quick minute. Today is the last day of B’s Emergency Medicine rotation and he’s taking his SHELF exam just about as I write. I’ll try to save the sentimentality for another time, but I […]

Match Day was about a week and a half ago. And while B and I were quite lucky to already know the contents of our envelope (although we did double-check!), none of our friends did. It made for a pretty sleepless night the night before and plenty of nerves. For the most part, our closest […]

Hoping all my fellow MWMSers got a good if cryptic email at noon yesterday and here’s hoping for great news this Friday. Sending lots of good thoughts this Match Day and hoping those odds work in your favor:)

Now that B has matched and the dust has settled, I want to share a little bit about our Match process. B and I did not agree on what he should list No. 1 on his rank list. It makes sense. B did an away rotation at a Top 5 program and loved it. And […]

B wrapped up a radiology service last week and really enjoyed it. Also, apparently urologists often read their own scans so it’s an important skill to have as well. But I think B is experiencing a pretty major case of senioritis at this point because when I worked from home one day last week due […]

B matched into a urology residency program yesterday!!! He hates it when I get “braggy” but one-third of all urology residency applicants don’t match, so matching is an accomplishment in itself. Let alone that he matched into our first choice!! I’m so so proud of all of B’s hard work and excited for the next […]

Tomorrow is the day. So this weekend was perfect for distractions. Like B who was too distracted by some awesome football to fully dedicate his attention to playing with Mox. We watched the game with both Packers and Seahawks fans. In addition to winning the game, the Seahawks won the cutest couple clothing contest. We also […]